water sign demos (2015​-​2016)

by moonish brute

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some old songs and some new songs.


released June 14, 2016

thanks to eliot humphreys for the photo, taken at umass amherst in april 2016. elmhphotography.tumblr.com.



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moonish brute Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: honey (august 13, 2015)
do i love the honey,
or do i love the spoon?
do i love the sky,
or the part that holds the moon?

do i love this tunnel,
or the light that's shining through?
do i love this picture,
or the fact that it's of you?
Track Name: soiled (november 1, 2015)
unnatural sex
can we just get this over with?
paint a face on it
reach down and sink your teeth in

everything here's soiled underneath its skin
won't find much growing in this garden
sweet smell might lure you in
but the taste is rotten
Track Name: cavities (november 14, 2015)
there's a hair in my mouth
and i cannot get it out
i'm always tonguing the back of my teeth
chewing up the inside of my own cheek

last night i dreamed that my teeth fell out
someday soon, they're all gonna break when i bite down

cus you see, we're always building boxes
and locking ourselves in

i build a wall with a window to watch you through it
i fill my room up with trash and lie down on top of it
i grow a thorny branch and prick myself upon it
i build a trap and slip my whole fucking leg in it
Track Name: stuckness (june 5, 2016)
i'm just a bit of water
swirling round an idea
can't seem to move past it
guess i'm kinda stuck here

i'm just a bit of water
swishing round a glass jar
always thought we'd go far
but your actions well they fell short

you're just a bit of thread i
wove into my blanket
now it's getting threadbare
but i just can't bear to trash it

i wear it round my shoulders
cus the nights are getting colder
been feeling a lot older
and it's hard to be alone
Track Name: caterpillar (june 5, 2016)
caterpillar in a box
hanging from a string
put it in a drawer and
close the drawer for me

i don't want my love
where anyone can see
least of all the people
who say that they love me

cut in my eye, i can still feel its sting
everywhere i look is a little blurry
Track Name: water sign (june 5, 2016)
did i catch your reflection in
the stagnant pool i'm standing in?
i can feel the water rising now
i never did learn how to swim

can't tell where my body ends
and the memories of then begin
you're somewhere near the surface
and i am swiftly sinking

close my eyes as the water climbs
i think i'll stay here awhile